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How Dana DePietro is solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with archaeology

In the midst of the rising tensions, conflict and blood-shed in Israel and Palestine, one man, Dr.  Dana DePietro, and a group of supporters, are trying  to use archaeology to de-escalate the conflict one potsherd at a time.

I talked to Dana about his unique project, The Society for Humanitarian Archaeological Research and Exploration (SHARE), in this fourteen minute video.

Note: You will need to be listening to the audio in stereo in order to hear both ends of the conversation.

Dana took a break from his work after just coming home from the field to discuss the current crisis in Israel and Palestine and how he hopes to address it now and in the future. In the interview, I asked Dana five questions:

  1. How has the current conflict affected archaeological work in the region?
  2. How has archaeology contributed to the conflict?
  3. How can archaeological research and exploration play a role in solving conflict?
  4. What are the nuts and bolts of the Society for Humanitarian Archaeological Research and Exploration (SHARE)?
  5. What is the one thing people can do right now to help?

Dana DePietro is a good friend, all around good person, and a mentor who taught me archaeological field technique as a young volunteer. He has an earned PhD in Near Eastern Art and Archaeology from the University of California, Berkeley.  He has worked on excavations throughout the middle-east including Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Israel/Palestine, and is coming off the field from Acco, along the western coast of Israel. While there, he oversaw and directed fellowship programs for his organization—SHARE.

I love the SHARE program and have been a member almost since its inception. It is important for Christians to come down on the side of peace, rather than a particular political entity. We have never been called to protect or gain any earthly claim through the strength of arms.

You can find out more about SHARE on its website, or see photos from their latest efforts to bring Palestinians and Israelis together by following them on Facebook.

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