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  • Reflecting on my time in Seminary
    This May I graduated from Bethel Seminary with a Master of Divinity Degree. The day before commencement the graduating seminary students, the staff, and faculty gather for a communion service. I was asked by the commencement committee to offer the student response…
  • Resource Review: Adam and the Genome – A Must Read for Young Adult Ministers
    Resource review I have taken up stands on both sides of the evolution and creation issue. As an avowed atheist in middle and early high school I liked to pick fights with Christians specifically over evolution. For me, at the time, the…
  • The Truth About God’s Will for Your Life
    What to do when you don’t have lots, wet fleeces, or gut feelings about what to do next. The beginning of a year is a time for resolutions and goals. A time to make a plan and set out on a new…

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