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Experiencing Passion week with Ancient Eyes

Two thousand Easter Sundays after the first it can be difficult to imagine the sweep of emotions, feelings and thoughts that went through the minds of the disciples that first passion week. For us, the end is already known. It is more or less always in sight as we experience our modern passion weeks. We […]

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Judas: Villain or Guest of Honor?

For most of us, Judas Iscariot is the great villain of the passion narrative, but for Jesus, Judas was the guest of honor. We know this because of one seemingly innocuous detail that every gospel writer chose to include when discussing the last days of Jesus.  At the Last supper, Jesus and the twelve disciples […]

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Should you celebrate Sukkot?

Summer is hot in Jerusalem. In the early summer, winds sweep westward across the deserts of Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula desiccating the southern Levant and the land of Israel for the next four to five months. Summer rain is very rare. Without the advent of modern desalination plants water can thus only be obtained […]

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