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Why I Search … Because Not Every Question Has An Answer

When I was a kid I lied to my grandmother every time I saw her. For as long as I can remember my parents, siblings and I would go on a road trip to visit my Grandmother in Wichita, Kansas every summer. Each time we went, when we neared the end of our visit, my […]

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Recapture the “ideal biblical family”

We had the “2014 Largent Family Reunion” two weeks ago in Minnesota. The running joke for the entire reunion was that my wife and I, as the sole surviving son, had to “get busy” producing a son to carry on the Largent family name. Things haven’t changed much in three and half thousand years. Indeed, […]

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What a nail taught me about archaeology, sin, and God

Archaeology is a destructive science.  In order to embody this maxim, I once took a two thousand year old metal object, found by my friend on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, and broke it in half between my fingers just so that I could declare whether it was a “pin” or a “nail.” […]

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