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Have you given God something to bless?

When I was a young Christian, I would frequently call on God to bless my life unilaterally. That is to say, I would petition God for him to act on my behalf, or the behalf of my family and friends without considering how I could, myself, be the source of that blessing. Unfortunately it’s a […]

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What a nail taught me about archaeology, sin, and God

Archaeology is a destructive science.  In order to embody this maxim, I once took a two thousand year old metal object, found by my friend on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, and broke it in half between my fingers just so that I could declare whether it was a “pin” or a “nail.” […]

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When I’m anxious I eat bugs!

I spent my morning munching on bugs the other day — little brown beetles and little white worms (some might call them maggots). No — my granola was not expired — but it had been in my cupboard, open, much longer than I care to admit. It was there, growing this tiny unknown infestation, because of […]

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