Finding the right speaker, seminar, or substitute teaching pastor can be difficult.

I hope that you find this page will make that research and decision making process easier for you. It provides an overview of the type of speaking I do, what you can expect from me, and some of the content I commonly speak on.

I am honored that you would consider inviting me into your community.

What You Can Expect:


I know that you expect value when investing time and resources into outside speakers. That is why you can expect:

  • Prompt and professional replies to your inquiries.
  • Personal communication focused on how I can best serve you and your audience.
  • Promotion of the event on BiblicalRemains.com and social media (if desired).
  • A professional presentation, focused on spiritual transformation, not just rote information.
  • A multi-sensory experience, bringing the text to life.
  • Continued engagement for attendees through access to additional resources online.
  • A prompt follow-up after the event to ensure that all expectations were met.

If you would like to find out about my future availability or if you have additional questions please click here


About Me

Public speaking has been a common exercise for me for a long time. I began speaking, publicly, in the seventh grade. An avid debater, I chose my college based on the debate scholarship I received.

Today, I am passionate about sharing the spiritual transformation that comes with knowing more about the ancient world of the biblical text. I have found that when we know more about the rich, vibrant and visceral world of the ancient near-east we are opened up to the breadth and depth of  God’s redemptive history, scripture is enlivened, and lives are changed.

As such, I have devoted my life over the last decade to studying the biblical text in its ancient context.

Traveling to the Near-East, and experiencing God’s redemptive history in such a visceral way has changed my life. It has opened up the depth and breadth of God’s word in ways I could not have even imagined. Whether I am with a small group, Sunday school class, or putting on a weekend seminar,  I want to empower other ministries and individuals to experience that same breadth and depth.

I live near St. Paul, MN with my beautiful and loving wife, Erica and our three wonderful daughters, Lylah, Maura, and Alyse. In our free time, my wife and I love to travel and entertain. We have participated in missions trips to Trinidad, Vietnam, and Mexico and are members of  Calvary Church where I serve as College Ministry Intern.

My Upcoming Engagements:

No shows booked at the moment.

Take Action:

Thank you again for considering me! You can start the conversation by emailing me to check my availability.

Past Courses:

Below you can find the courses that I have taught in the past, their description, and the specific benefits people have gained through their attendance.

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