Are you a time starved Bible reader, pastor or ministry professional? Who isn’t these days? Most people don’t have a decade to study the historical, geographical and archaeological context of the Bible like I have had the privilege to pursue.

If you can listen to a podcast, you can begin to study and apply the Bible in new ways!

  • Knowing more about the context of the Bible is like going from “black and white” to “living color” when you read the text.
  • Knowing more about the Bible’s original audience allows us to better translate the Bible’s original application for our world today
  • When we read the text without cultural context we can miss important details that change the meaning of the text.
  • Reading and applying the Bible contextually helps us live better today!

The hardest thing about understanding the Bible in its original context is knowing where to start! When you’re faced with getting that next sermon done or trying to finish up your study for small group, who has time to check the atlas or look for additional resources? What I’ve found though, is that when you enter into the ancient world of the Biblical text, the way you approach, read, and apply the text is fundamentally transformed for the better.

My aim is to offer material that is applicable and important to ministry in a church context from academics that are experts in the field of the cultural backgrounds of the bible. You’ll gain insight into current research and biblical application that will begin to change the way you read the text

I want to invite you to partner with me on the Biblical Remains Podcast by committing to a monthly level of support. You can do so by clicking the donate button above or below and visiting the Biblical Remains Podcast page on Patreon.

Anything helps! A dollar a month makes a difference! Five dollars a month changes everything and covers the hard costs of producing this on a weekly basis. When you become a patron you get access to a patrons only forum and depending on your level of patronage some great bonuses as well!

I will make this show for FREE because it is vitally important for the church today! If all you can do is listen, Great! I am so thankful for you, but I know that some of you realize that work takes resources and if you can partner with me it will make a world of difference for creating a high caliber and quality podcast that will impact more lives for the kingdom of God. Thank you so much for considering partnering with me.

Season 1 of the Biblical Remains Podcast will go Live this fall! I plan on spending the summer producing content for the launch in the fall - both interviews with experts and recordings at conferences on the cultural backgrounds of the Bible.

Music has been graciously provided for the Podcast from the album Pulse of My Heart by ​my good friend Anna Marie Carey. The album is available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

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