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How the Bible’s Original Audience “Read” Scripture: An Interview with Tom Meyer

Today, we take for granted our ability to have the biblical text at our fingertips – almost anywhere. According to one study, 89% of American households own at least one bible and the average American household owns 4.1 bibles (not even to mention the digital copies we carry in our pockets and backpacks).This wide-access to […]

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Recapture the “ideal biblical family”

We had the “2014 Largent Family Reunion” two weeks ago in Minnesota. The running joke for the entire reunion was that my wife and I, as the sole surviving son, had to “get busy” producing a son to carry on the Largent family name. Things haven’t changed much in three and half thousand years. Indeed, […]

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Why I Search … The numbers prove I should.

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love the biblical text! Really I should say text[s] because, though the bible carries the authoritative voice of one God in our lives, that voice comes through a number of different languages, in a number of different places, at a number of different times, by a number of different individuals. Nearly three quarters of a […]

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Why I Search …

It is the mission of to search the geographical, textual, and archaeological remains of the ancient near-east to better understand the biblical text. While the church generally expresses heightened interest in topics of Biblical archaeology, or Linguistic studies of Hebrew or Greek, or even further afield, textual/historical studies of the people of Ugarit or […]

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