Archaeology offers us a window into the physical world of the Bible, a world which is far removed both in time and space from our own, radically enlivening scripture.


St. Jerome called the lands of the bible the "Fifth Gospel." Indeed, knowing the physical geography of Israel, Palestine, Mesopotamia and Egypt can fundamentally enhance our understanding of scripture.


God's redemptive history did not occur in a vacuum. Rather, his self-revelation both contested and communicated with the various cultures of the ancient Near-East. Knowing this context helps us understand our text.

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Rejected and Alone? How tradition obscures the nativity story

You were lied to about Christmas. I am willing to bet that the Christmas pageant you’re used to featured a very important character: The Innkeeper. This heartless soul was so concerned with his inn having no-vacancy that he turned away the mother and father of Jesus. Leaving them to give birth to the messiah rejected and alone […]

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